This is to commend and recommend Marvin Bissland and EB Equity Builders regarding the building of our home. Mr. Bissland contracted with us to build our home in Kiawah River Estates. We chose him because of his experience, his ability to communicate with us directly and consistently, and his in-depth knowledge of the building trade. Further, he is fully versed on the latest features and innovations of a well built and efficient home. He personally oversaw the entire project, directing his staff and any sub-contracting work done. He directed and coordinated all this skillfully and in a professional and timely manner. Of special importance to us has been the sub-contractors he employs and the strong . When they arrived at our building site, they had been thoroughly briefed on the project. They knew what was expected of them and they did their work effectively and professionally. This speaks of a strong, long-term business relationship that is necessary to the success of any project of this sort. Our home was finished early this year. We are very proud of the result and the thorough work and leadership Mr. Bissland put into it. He saw to it that the best people and the best materials were involved. He saw to it that our expectations were met or exceeded in all phases of the project. We are available to answer questions that anyone may have regarding the building of our home and our excellent working relationship from start to finish with Marvin Bissland. Patricia and Jeff Lipe Johns Island, SC

Patricia and Jeff Lipe - Johns Island, SC

This letter serves to document how pleased we are with Marvin Bissland and his Equity Builders team. We purchased a home from Mr. Bissland in 2006, located in the Parker's Landing section of Rivertowne. As we came to meet our neighbor's, they described our new home as the "nicest on the block". Our home's style, amenities, and workmanship are the best that we experienced during our house hunting process prior to purchase. Additionally, Mr. Bissland's service handling follow up issues personally has been very helpful, and greatly appreciated. We would strongly support EB Equity Builders for future considerations. Mr. and Mrs. John Malone Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

Mr. and Mrs. John Malone - Mt. Pleasant, SC